"Son's Scapegoat " CD

Son's Scapegoat

April 2005 meeting of EXIAS-J (Experimental Improvisers Association of Japan) and drummer Sabu Toyozumi. Since the late 90's EXIAS-J have been conjoining the worlds of free music and modern composition by employing free improvisation in variously structured approaches ranging from jazz and rock rooted forms to avant-classical and performance art settings. Sabu Toyozumi is a true giant of Japanese free music with a history running from his involvement with Masayuki Takayanagi's New Direction Unit in the late 60's through his work with Kaoru Abe , Peter Brötzmann, Takashi Mizutani (Rallizes Denudes), Keiji Haino and a veritable who's who of internationally known improvisers. There is a sonic clarity to this new studio recording that might help elucidate the underlying musical structure on the two previous live Electric Conception recordings (availabe on PSF). That said, with one stated goal of the Electric Conception being the disruption of the hierarchies of instrumentation through the application of electro-acoustics this frequently creates a dense, shifting sonic mass that should make even ardent noise fans feel quite at home.

A translation of the the Japanese liner notes for the recording can be downloaded here (Sabu/Exias-J PDF) Thanks to Alan Cummings for wrestling this into English, the remainder of the work is up to you.

"Sabu" TOYOZUMI : drums
KONDO Hideaki : electric guitar
TANIKAWA Takuo : electric guitar / pc
KANDA Shin-Ichiro : Piano
MIYAZAKI Tetsuya : electronics / pc
KAWASAKI Jun : contrabass

with guests:
IRUMAGAWA Masami : Cello
KARAMATA Michio : flute / soprano saxophone
ASAI Yuichi : trombone

mp3 (2.96MB) "Seven"